About Us

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Maria Jose Beltran began her Ballet training in Peru, and completed her studies at the Houston Ballet Academy on a full scholarship after placing 3rd (Bronze medalist) in the International Ballet Competition in the city of Trujillo, Peru.

Her career as a professional dancer began at the National Ballet Company in Peru. After one year she was invited to join the Statische Buhne Hagen Ballet company in Germany and performed as a member of the Corps de Ballet, and as a Soloist in the different classical Ballets and also in some of the Balanchine works. With this company she traveled all around Germany and different countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

After several years she returned to South America and joined the Municipal Ballet in Santiago de Chile. Following her work in Chile she returned to Peru where she joined the National Ballet Company participating in all the classical Ballet, Neo-Classical and Contemporary productions. After getting married to Winston Rowlands (28 years ago) she moved to Hawaii and joined Ballet Hawaii. Mrs. Beltran spent more than 12 years at this company as a dancer, teacher, regisseur, coach and choreographer.

In April of 2009 Mrs. Beltran founded Alive Ballet Center as an answer to her deepest needs as an artist: to bring dance to a community that wants to benefit from the joy, discipline and integrity that this form of Art is able to build within you.

Our Mission
At Alive Ballet Center we believe that every student should receive the same attention. Whether they practice Ballet for the love of it or whether they choose to take it to the professional levels, our main goal is that students will be nurtured in a positive environment, so they will learn to value their own effort, work and personal achievements. Our interest is that students will acquire trust within themselves through the development of this beautiful and demanding discipline.

Our  Ballet Program

Pre-Ballet:I-II,  Children ages 3 ,4 and 5 are introduced  to ballet through games, gentle stretching exercises , guided through the use of their imagination.

Ballet I , ages 5-6, start learning ballet fundamentals in a fun and creative way. Musicality and poise are emphasized. Begin participating in school performances.

Ballet II,  ages 7-8 attend twice a week  developing technique and discipline. Posture, flexibility and musicality are stressed.

Ballet III,  ages 9-10, a very solid training in ballet technique and musicality  for dance. Twice a week.

Ballet IV, ages 11 and up. Introduction to pointe work

This class meets 3 times a week.

Ballet V,  4 times a week of technical and artistic ballet training. Advanced Pointe and Partnering classes  are available at this level.

Our Dance Etiquette
At Alive Ballet Center we strive for a nurturing environment prioritizing order and respect. We appreciate punctuality. We love ballet uniforms and girls wearing their hair up in a bun at all times. And we appreciate no talking or chewing gum during class.